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Many exciting things are happening across our Episcopal District, and this site is designed to be your resource to access these events.

If you are not yet part of our AMEC family, we invite you to visit one of our 400+ churches located across Florida and the Bahamas.


From Bishop Richardson's Pen


The Doors of the Church Are Still Open

A Reflection on the Massacre of the Emanuel Nine

Selma to Montgomery; the Voting Rights Act;

Brown Chapel; and 50 Years

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11th District Calendar

The Voter's Pledge

I am a Registered Voter! Thus, I am an empowered citizen. I have a voice! My opinion matters! In a representative government, I can help make decisions: about who gets elected to represent my best interest on taxes, on appropriations, on public policy, on education, on health and health care, on clean air and clean water, on parks and recreation, on public safety, on potholes, on neighborhood viability, and on economic vitality. I count because my VOTE counts! I am a registered voter! I pledge to use my vote every chance I get to make a difference -- for my family, my community, and the things and people I care deeply about. You will know me when you see me on Election Day; I'll be wearing the lapel sticker proudly displaying these words: I Voted!


Hand Hygiene Initiative

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